Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri (DINNER): 5pm - 9pm

Saturdays: 5pm-10

Sundays: 4pm - 8pm

Delivery Fee (Company Fee)-- Starts at $3.99 +   
Please allow 45 mins to an Hour and a Half (1.5) for Deliveries (Est.). Give or Take a few minutes.  (See our chart below)
(Sometimes delivery may take longer than an hour depending on Restaurant Delays, Holidays, Traffic, Weather, etc.  Be confident that our Mobile Waiters are delivering as safe and fast as possible.)


Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX.

**We DO NOT accept personal checks.

***Menu Prices reflect a 5% CASH Discount. (Partnered Rest. ONLY**

(All phone orders that are not placed online are subject to a $2.99 extra phone in charge. On all phone and web orders a 15% gratituty is automatically added to every order, unless otherwise noted by customer.)


100% of the gratituty goes to the Driver! 
Please be kind and tip your mobile waiter, as they do use their own vehicle and gas.
Our mobile waiters are doing everything possible to ensure your order is being delivered as fast and safe as possible.
(Min Gratuity begins at $2.99 for the Mobile Waiter)


To-Go orders can also be placed online or over the phone.  To-Go orders are orders that customers conveniently place online and pick up at the restaurant when ready. 
Please note that you must print off the order receipt to present to the restaurant at the time of pick up OR your ID, before the restaurant will release the order.

*Menu prices do not include tax and are subject to change.*

 **We reserve the right to refuse delivery for any reason.**

***Once the order is placed, it CANNOT BE CANCELLED.  All orders are immediately placed with the restaurant and therefore cannot be cancelled. ***



Click on google maps link to map your address distance from the restaurant from which you are ordering.

 Delivery Fees and Distance info: 



Delivery Fee
Within 10 Miles  of Restaurant
  $3.99 +

 **$9.99 +

 Please allow at least 60 mins, maybe more for delivery. Time depends on many factors.



HOTEL Delivery                                              Delivery Fee
To all Hotels within the 10 mile limit
$7.99 +

Click here to see our delivery map and see the addresses for the restaurants.


Friends, refer TTO to new restaurants and receive a gift certificate for $20.00 to use towards your next purchase on outr site!  

The Newly added restaurant manager or owner must give us your name for the referral.  

Thanks!  And Let's get you a free meal!

Other FAQ

What is a corporate account and how do I set up one for my office?

Corporate Accounts allow your company to be billed for your balance on a regular schedule. Please contact us at 903-794-Togo or email us at if you wish to find out more information about corporate accounts.
As a business owner/manager, how can I learn about increasing sales by offering delivery?
You may be shocked to hear that you can now offer delivery and increase your marketing at no cost! Our system is simple and doesn't cost you anything.  Think about this.... marketing for free? Yes!  Contact us today! or 903-794-Togo
Gift certificates do you have them?
TTO gift certificates make ideal, thoughtful presents for new parents, clients, outstanding employees--anyone who likes to eat! We offer gift certificates in any denomination from $10 up. We can email the certificate to you or direct to the recipient. You can pay by credit card online.

Do my Reward Points Expire?
Yes, Reward Points will expire if not used. With the upgraded system in place, any and all points not used within a year (1 Year) will expire.


TTO  reserves the right to use e-mail marketing messages to keep our customers informed of changes and new product offerings available through our company.

Questions? E-mail Us.

 The map below will give you a general idea of our delivery area, however, please note that the distance depends on the distance from the restaurant to YOUR home or office.  Thank you.